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Atherton Asset Management Limited (“ATAM“) was organized as an independent investment manager in 2013.  We are licensed by Securities and Futures Commission of Hong Kong to carry out Type 9 (asset management) regulated activities.  We offer theme focused products and solutions to professional investors including high net worth individuals, family trusts and institutional clients to meet their demand in today’s dynamic markets.  “Atherton” symbolizes our aspiration to achieve capital growth through dedicated cultivation in new economies and transformative enterprises.  

Over the last decade, global financial markets have been very dynamic and fast changing.  The operating environment in business world is also evolving at a pace we have never seen before.  Investors are required to possess specialized knowledge and attention to adapt to and to embrace the market change.  We believe that the future will provide ample opportunities, but only to those with the right knowhow and good strategies.  

Each of our equity funds carries a focus on the particular sector and strategy that we are specialized and well researched.  The equity funds have shown promising return with controlled volatility.  ATAM also manages close ended real estate private equity funds.